Volunteer Profile: Paul Adamsbaum

August 29, 2022  |  by Aaliyah Cardenas   |  


I Am For NYC - Paul Adamsbaum

Volunteer Profile: Paul Adamsbaum

Paul Adamsbaum has served as a volunteer at our Community Kitchen & Food Pantry in West Harlem since 2017. 

Why is Food Bank’s mission important to you?

"I grew up in the city and know that many of its citizens face challenges every day. Food Bank gives me the chance to help people overcome some of those challenges on a very personal level."


What was your most memorable moment while serving with Food Bank?

"Whether it was serving breakfast to seniors pre-COVID, or helping at the Grab-and-Go Pantry distributions, I was always warmed by how appreciative everyone I came in contact with was."


Tell us about a meal that is special to you and your family.

"For me and my wife, it's Sunday morning bagels and lox breakfast, while sitting in front of the TV watching CBS Sunday Morning and reading the Sunday New York Times."


Who inspires you to serve?

"My parents who, when I was growing up in Queens, instilled in me the value of helping others regardless of what rung of society's ladder we happen to occupy."

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