Volunteer Profile: Eleanor Haskin

July 28, 2023  |  by Aaliyah Cardenas   |  


I Am For NYC Volunteer Spotlight (6)

Volunteer Profile: Eleanor Haskin

Eleanor Haskin is a volunteer at our Community Kitchen & Food Pantry who has served more than six hours of service, with hopes for returning as much as her schedule allows.  

Why is Food Bank’s mission important to you?

I’ve always appreciated that Food Bank’s mission extends beyond food distribution and focuses on maintaining dignity and sustaining the community with things like tax help and the senior center. 


What was your most memorable moment while serving with Food Bank?

Not a specific memory, but my sister is the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at the Community Kitchen & Food Pantry, so I visit her there. It feels like a real community— I love coming back and seeing familiar faces and catching up with the staff and clients. I feel like I know people there now and they know me. 


Tell us about a meal that is special to you and your family.

I went vegan as a teenager, and it’s been special to rediscover meals from childhood made with new ingredients. My mom used to make spaghetti Bolognese a lot. I started making it with walnuts and mushrooms as “meat.” My mom was skeptical at first, but she loves it now and it’s become a staple. 


Who inspires you to serve?

My fellow New Yorkers! 

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