Williamsburg Food Pantry is a Volunteer-Powered Respite

March 15, 2024  |  by Maggie Prendergast   |  

Food Bank member agency Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus Food Pantry serves our neighbors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To fuel the pantry’s work, Food Bank regularly provides fresh produce and shelf-stable goods to the organization, which are distributed weekly to more than 600 New Yorkers. The impressive operation at Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus is run by a large and enthusiastic team, who make it a priority to always serve their neighbors with dignity and care.  



One way they do this is by providing an indoor space for community members to congregate while waiting to receive food and other services. When visiting a food pantry in New York City, you’ll likely notice long lines that wrap around the block regardless of the weather. This is a common sight for many of the hunger-relief organizations within our Food Bank member network, and it makes sense – these organizations are operating at full capacity and simply don’t have the space to welcome all their neighbors inside.  

But this can pose problems, with some programs facing resistance from nearby homes and businesses. To mitigate this, Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus invites community members inside to escape harsh weather, use the restroom, and connect with the tireless staff. 

230813_26725Clients often wait on long lines and often, outdoors.

And this is all the more incredible because Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus is completely powered by volunteers, who work long hours multiple days a week receiving deliveries, preparing storage, and running the pantry distribution on Thursdays. With no paid staff, the Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus Food Pantry is a true community resource with neighbors helping neighbors each and every day.  

fbnyc-blog-photo-member-spotlight-2Volunteers are served dinner at Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus Food Pantry.

Food Bank proudly provides food, resources, and regular capacity support to over 800 community-based organizations like the Iglesia Cristiana Valle De Jesus Food Pantry. The Food Bank Member Network stretches across all five boroughs and to nearly every zip code in New York City. Visit foodbanknyc.org to learn more about our mission to empower every New Yorker to achieve food security for good. 

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