Volunteer Profile: Toby Jackson

December 14, 2021  |  by Aaliyah Cardenas   |  


Toby Jackson_NYCWFF 2021 Lead

Volunteer Profile: Toby Jackson

Toby Jackson served with Food Bank as an Event Lead during the 2021 New York City Wine & Food Festival. 

Why is Food Bank’s mission important to you?

“When COVID hit, I saw how much the pandemic caused so many more people to fall into hard times. I decided that my time devoted to volunteering needed to be more robust and consistent.” 


What was your most memorable moment while serving with Food Bank?

“While I was helping give out groceries at a distribution. I saw everyday New Yorkers with jobs and families suddenly finding themselves in a desperate state. The gratitude for small acts of kindness was heartbreaking.” 


Tell us about a meal that is special to you and your family.

“I would say Thanksgiving. It’s never about the food when we come together. It’s the comfort of home, family, and gratitude for our blessings.” 


Who inspires you to serve?

“My parents were both avid supporters of charitable causes. After my dad retired, he built houses for Habitat for Humanity until he was well into his 80s.”

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