Chef Chris Scott Wants to Find the Story Within the Story of the Dish

February 26, 2021  |  by Cody Gohl   |  

When thinking of voices to showcase on our "Food in Action" series, Chef Chris Scott seemed like a perfect  fit. Not only has he been a longtime Food Bank supporter (serving as a volunteer and member of our Culinary Council), but he's also a natural born storyteller who uses food to uplift and celebrate African American history. You may also recognize him as a former finalist on Top Chef (woo!) and perhaps the best southern biscuit maker this side of the Carolinas (if you haven't tried Butterfunk, well... bless your little heart). 

Read our profile of the chef below, and remember to check out the rest of the stories in our "Food in Action" series, which highlights the culinary activism of chefs, cooks, and restauranteurs using food to do good right here in the Big Apple.  

What, for you, is the magic of food?  

The magic of food is how it has the ability to bring us all together around the table. People often ask me what my favorite kitchen tool is, and I'm sure they are expecting me to answer with some ridiculously expensive kitchen knife, or fancy immersion circulator, but my favorite tool is my Kitchen Table. This is the place where we all come to restore our spirits and our bodies, where conversation and ideas are met with being heard. That is the magic of food.

What ingredient will always sell you on a dish?  

The ingredient that I will always sell is the origin of the dish, the story within the story of the dish.  I believe people should know WHY they're eating what they're eating.

Do you have a favorite meal memory?  

Right before the birth of our son, my wife took me to Sushi Yasuda. Not only was it delicious and I got to see some pretty nifty knife work and cooking applications first hand, but it was the culture that stayed with me the most.

How can folks use food to do good?  

Feeding the people with love is how we all can do good through food. Realizing that food is the connective that keeps and brings us together.  Either be it through giving back and helping in soup kitchens or shelters, but also teaching and passing down what you know about cooking. The knowledge of what we do is priceless, and must be taught to the next generations.

And lastly... if your bodega named a sandwich after you, what would it be called and what would it be?  

I don't know if it would be a sandwich. Probably a ripped piece of good bread, slightly toasted, with a delicious compound butter and a savory jam. That's more my speed. And of course, it would be free. 

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